Welcome to Antigonish!

A community with the heart of a small town but the allure of a big city! Antigonish has everything you could want, it’s true! We are surrounded by nature and all it has to offer, several cultural and musical events take place here all year round, not to mention the great shopping and fabulous food! We have something for everyone!

Antigonish is home to St. Francis Xavier University, Canada’s premier undergraduate university. Over 4,000 students call Antigonish home every school year. Some even decide to stay when they’ve completed their education – how’s that for feelin’ the love!

Antigonish is blessed with some of Nova Scotia’s most spectacular beaches; beaches that have new landscapes every day, and leave with you with a sense of wonder! And because we are located on the Northumberland Strait, we have the warmest ocean water in Canada and some of the warmest ocean water on the Atlantic coast north of Virginia!

Antigonish has a very diverse community and a strong appreciation of our heritage and culture. A visit to the Heritage Museum at the end of Main Street highlights the strong linkage we have to our past! The Antigonish Highland Games take place every summer and are the oldest continuous highland games outside of Scotland!

In Antigonish you never have to go far to hear a bagpipe, fiddle, or to take part in a Ceilidh! You can even try your hand at highland dancing! If you prefer listening, to taking part, you can sit back and enjoy Music on Main or the Evolve Music Festival. For all you theatre lovers, Theatre Antigonish highlights the best of performing arts!

What visit is complete without great shopping and fabulous food – Antigonish does not disappoint. A walk down Main Street is a lot longer than you think, as you will find yourself dropping in to the diverse and quaint shops all along the street. You can start your day off at a café on one end of the street, shop all the way down and finish your day with a dinner at a fantastic little bistro! Antigonish has some of the best restaurants and one of the most vibrant downtowns in Nova Scotia!

There is a lot to experience in Antigonish and we can’t wait to show you!

So when are you coming?