Festival Antigo-outtakes…Summer Theatre

Posted by | September 15, 2011

As usual, I humbly come to you with my bumbling antics and stock of the best tongue-twisting trip-up for this, my Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre outtake reel. However, this time there is a slightly different twist to the typical collection of bloopers – with special thanks to Tina Dickieson.

Check out the video here to see what I mean…




Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition

Posted by | September 14, 2011

Farming and agriculture has a rich history in Antigonish; a tradition that is proudly expressed at the The Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition (ENSE). Held the first week in September, the exhibition signals the unofficial start to fall with good food, entertainment, craft displays, agriculture and livestock competitions and demonstrations, and – of course – the midway! Not only is it a great way to spend an afternoon (or even a whole weekend), the exhibition provides a forum where people can connect to their local farmers, giving them a chance to see exactly where their food comes from, how it is produced, and meet the people who work hard to produce it. It is also a staging ground for young farmers to showcase their skills as the event hosts the work of local 4H clubs.

There are plenty of ways to spend a day or two (or five) at the exhibition. Live entertainment is staged in the middle of grounds, hosting alternating country acts that almost provides a soundtrack of its own to the event.  The concessions – especially the french fries and ice cream from the 4H barn – are a personal favourite, but food runs the gambit of burgers, to organic pizza, to cotton candy and candy apples. The arena and the barns are always jam-packed with things to do and see. I spent two days at the exhibition and was thrilled to to catch the high-paced sport of horse barrel racing and captivated by a shoeing demonstration from a local farrier.

Be sure to check out our latest feature video on the Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition, and always remember to support local farming and agriculture whenever possible because, let’s face it: Farmers feed us all. To find out more on agriculture in Nova Scotia, visit Agriculture Nova Scotia.

Emerging Artists: Antigonish presents The Grady Family

Posted by | September 13, 2011

The sounds of rural Nova Scotia are articulated in the Grady Family’s music, Experience Antigonish.ca’s latest addition to the emerging artists line-up. According to Terry, father and lead singer and songwriter, they have been playing together since the kids were able to hold an instrument. “I introduced instruments to the kids,” says Terry, “and my father encouraged my oldest girl Taylor to begin fiddle lessons when she was about 9 years old. The other kids followed suit with their instrument of choice.” Terry is the frontman, undertaking most of the lyrical and melodic composition, but as he notes music is a big part of the entire family.

While Terry has been on guitar for 24 years, the band came together about one year ago. “We try to do our best and put on a good show for the audience,” writes Terry. “It is a great reward to have people come up and say ‘we really enjoyed the show, keep it up.’ We don’t put too much pressure on ourselves but we work hard to try and do justice to cover tunes.” Most of all, the Grady’s are looking have a little fun.

Influences span generations, inspired by other artists from Neil Young to Coldplay to The Rankin Family. But rural life, his memories and dreams inspire his writing. “I speak of the ocean in a lot of my tunes, simple living and the freedom and simplicity of growing up in such beautiful surroundings,” Terry observes. But for Terry, his wife and his children are his greatest inspiration. Covers abound in their repertoire, but the family produces excellent original music that carries forward a rich folk music tradition in the Maritimes.

The Grady Family’s song, “Granddad’s Dream,” formed the soundtrack to our Cape George feature video, and they have even been featured on 98.9XFM’s Sounds Atlantic.

And click here for the Grady’s Emerging Artists video feature!

Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre

Posted by | September 12, 2011

Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre is “Nova Scotia’s first and longest running professional repertory company.” Over the course of its 24 year existence, has become a landmark of the Antigonish arts and culture landscape.  The summer season – which runs from July to August – hosts 8 plays, on 3 stages: the Main Stage series, the Family series, and the Second Stage series.  Second only to the Neptune theatre in Halifax, the Bauer Theatre is the largest theatre outfit in Nova Scotia, playing host to over 100 performances from a shifting repertory that is bound to appeal any age or preference. With a capacity of 228 seats, and with a low, semi-circular stage front, The Bauer has a reputation as being an intimate setting. So whether you are looking to make a weekend trip or just wanting to take in the local color, Festival Antigonish cycles their shows so that over the course of one weekend, one can catch all three main-stage shows. Best of all, the season is often run by actors and directors who call the Maritimes home, and the artistic producer, Ed Thomason, brings in plays from a range of Canadian and international authors.

When August draws to a close, Festival Antigonish gives way to Theatre Antigonish, a primarily community theatre that welcomes its members to join together to be a part of their own productions, and so promises continued entertainment throughout the whole year!

Check out our latest feature video of Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre, and see what all the buzz is about!

Riverside International Speedway – TAKE 2

Posted by | September 9, 2011

As always, working on these videos produces some hilarious outtakes, fumbles and failed attempts to communicate. Riverside required a few trips to and from the track to capture what we really wanted, and here are some of the best outtakes from those filming excursions. A very special thanks to Paul McLean and all those that have faciliated a truly interesting experience at Riverside! Enjoy!