About Experience Antigonish

In the spring of 2010, the Antigonish Regional Development Authority (ARDA) decided to try their hand at using social media to promote the awesomeness that is Antigonish. It was time for Antigonish to join the social media revolution that consists of videos, photos, Twitter, and blogs.

ARDA hired a summer student to film and produce a series of videos. Dan, a.k.a. Dan in the ‘Nish, spent his summer touring the town and county of Antigonish, attending events like the Antigonish Highland Games, taking day trips, and exploring the local area.

Experience Antigonish was developed to inform visitors and even residents of all the things there are do and see in this community. Antigonish is, without a doubt, a hidden gem along the Northumberland Shore. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the Dan in the ‘Nish videos and our Experiencing Antigonish blog to see that we’re telling you the truth.

About Steve In The ‘Nish

My name is Steve Scannell, your new ‘Nish correspondent and the latest addition to the Antigonish Regional Development Authority (ARDA) staff. Originally from the United States, I came to Antigonish in 2004 to attend St. Francis Xavier University.

After completing my MA in Political Science from Dalhousie University I dubbed Antigonish my new home. Occupying the role of both tourist and resident has afforded me the ability to see the region as not only an exciting place to visit, but to live as well.

As an integral member of ARDA’s social media-based tourism campaign, I am gearing my term as ‘Nish Correspondent toward enhancing the experiential aspects of Antigonish by highlighting all the exciting opportunities it has to offer its visitors and – especially – its people. While my predecessor, Dan Hindmarsh, has set the bar high, I have many great ideas in store that I hope reveal even more ways one can experience Antigonish!”

About Dan In The ‘Nish

Who am I you ask? My name is Dan Hindmarsh. I landed the best summer job anyone could ask for. I was paid to be a tourist; to explore and experience Antigonish.

I was born and bred in Alberta and came to Antigonish to attend St. Francis Xavier University. Before going into my fourth and final year, I decided to do something I had never done; spend the summer in Antigonish. As the ‘Nish Correspondent for the summer of 2010 (in case you’re wondering, the “‘Nish” is the local nickname for Antigonish) I produced a series of videos of my experiences.

Now, I’ve done a lot of travelling over the years. I’ve visited Europe, Asia, and parts of the Middle East and have met some of the most interesting people and experienced some pretty incredible things, and let me tell you, my summer in the ‘Nish did not disappoint. There is so much to do here! I hope you enjoy the videos because I had a blast making them.

About ARDA

If we were to sum up in one word what we’re about, it would be this: Antigonish. Everything we do is about empowering the Town of Antigonish and the Municipality of the County of Antigonish to be a thriving place to do business, a great place to live, and a community of growth. We believe that it’s the combination of economic and community development that makes for a strong, sustainable future.