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5 Cases When Renting a Car is the Best Choice

The car rental field is doing quite well.  Statistics have shown an increase in the number of people to opt for downtown car rental Toronto and they are doing this for a good reason. The reliable and organized the car rental today is actually known for providing competitive, quality vehicles, and well-managed sources. Be that as it may, you might be wondering if renting a car is a good choice. To help you to decide if renting a car is a good idea in accordance to your situation, here are five cases where renting a car is a great idea.

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Big City Life

People living in big cities might have use to public transport.  This is because it is the most reliable form of transport. Again, there are times when you need a car for a temporary basis. You can plan a long drive or have day of meeting where you will not be able to unravel your outfit while navigating the transport system just in an instant.  In these cases, renting a car is a good idea. It is not the same as purchasing but you will be able to do what has to be done comfortably.

Road Trips

You might have a car parked in the driveway but the road trip is completely different thing. In case you are planning to go on a road trip, it is better to for a downtown car rental Toronto.  The first thing that you need to do when you rent a vehicle from a trustworthy car rental company, there is a greater chance that you are going to be sager when you are on the road.  Another good thing about downtown car rental Toronto is that you will get some good vehicles at a reasonable price. Even if you are going for a pricier model from the rental fleet, dividing the cost in between the people who are traveling will make things affordable.


There are times when you have to buy more than the regular supplies and groceries. You might have to move something large. Activities like this don’t need hiring a moving truck but it is better to use the rental car than using the public transport. Cabs are going to be pricey, particularly if you have to make multiple trips.  The cabs you can imagine are going to be pricey, particularly if you have to make many trips. Downtown car rental Toronto will make your life much simple.

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Special Occasions

You might have a farewell, reunion, wedding, or some other special occasion coming up. You might not have a car or is too old to be taken around.  In these cases, it is better to go for a rented car. You will be able to upgrade to a trouble free vehicle without any hassle.


When you are going out of state for a holiday, renting rather than relying on public transport implies more mobility. Moreover downtown car rental Toronto is much cheaper than using the cabs over and over. Moreover, you have more control because you will decide where you want to go and also the route you want to take up.  When you are on vacation, it is better to rent a vehicle from a financial transport and comfort.

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Discover the New Sentry APC Vehicle

The Sentry APC vehicle is designed to in such a manner that it can be used in severe climatic conditions. It is a unique model because of its extraordinary specifications, assembly and design. It can be used as a multi-purpose vehicle and it possesses an innovative design. This vehicle promises high off-road performance.

Specifications of the Vehicle

The vehicle is made by the biggest armored car company in Canada and the name of the model is Sentry APC. This vehicle is designed for a special purpose and the armor level of the vehicle is BR7. The transmission of this vehicle is 6-speed automatic and it has a 6.7l diesel V8 engine. The horse power of this vehicle is 36hp and the drive train is 4WD. The dimensions of this unique vehicle are 5969 x 2514 x 2489 and the wheel base is 3576 mm. around eight people can sit in the vehicle and it has a fuel capacity of 151 liters.


Key Features

The vehicle possesses a heavy duty truck chassis and is reliable even in the most difficult situations. The customized components ensure enhanced weight capacity as well as reliability. Sentry APC vehicle possesses protective dual layers so that the passengers can remain safe from all kinds of attacks. The armoring material is also very advanced and ensures protection from 7.62 x 51 SC ammunitions. The passenger compartment, important mechanical components and engine are covered. This vehicle also has multi-layer ballistic glass as well as the overlap system in order to protect the bullets. The vehicle has two doors on each side which is used to enter or exit the vehicle.

Comfort Factor

Sentry APC vehicle ensures a lot of protection as well as comfort to the passengers. This vehicle can be used in all climatic conditions because of the extra layer of insulation which is present in the cabin. The ventilation system of the vehicle is also very advanced and hence it can be used in extremely low and high temperatures. The seats can be easily configured which allows the passengers to operate the vehicle while remaining in their position. The vehicle can be easily customized as per the requirements of the mission.

sentry apc vehicle

Security Features

Sentry APC vehicle is highly safe because of its efficient security features. An escape hatch, electronic surveillance system, external cameras, emergency lights and siren are present in the vehicle. The vehicle can also be customizes as per the requirements of the client. It can be used as a medical evacuation vehicle or a mobile command center. The vehicle can also be equipped with warning device and powerful acoustic hailing to ensure proper crowd control if required. A front mounted plow can also be installed in the vehicle is required.

The Sentry APC vehicle is very tough and possesses impressive technology. The features of the car are outstanding and hence it can be the first choice of the militants. The bullet proof nature of the vehicle also makes it extremely safe. This new armored vehicle is sure to rule the roads.